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Allure. That's what it is.
When gold was discovered in California in the 1800s, it resulted in a population boom that saw tens of thousands of runaways, castaways, rebels and revolutionaries leave their old lives behind and trade them it in for something wild and unpredictable. By now, most of that gold’s been dug up. But the California allure — the promise of something new, that gravity that draws you towards its mountains and waves — remains the same.

Here’s Radical Times in Southern California — your Boardrider’s Guide to a great slice of the Golden State..
LA. Where the city meets the city meets more of the city then eventually meets the sea. On land, you’ll find cultural diversity that stretches from the Hollywood hills to the Compton streets. And in the water, you’ll find just as much variety.
Palm trees. Plastic surgery. Perfect Lowers. Orange County is as decorated as Disneyland itself. It’s the beating heart of the surf industry and for good reason — it’s got plenty of waves, tons of skateparks and the mountains are just a short drive away.
The most infamous zone in Newport - 54th street. You may have heard it referred to as Echo Beach. Generations ago, between these two jetties, a group of kids like Danny Kwok shifted the norm from white surfboards and black wetsuits to, well...this.
It’s mellower than LA and the OC, but still has more than enough madness to satisfy even the most curious souls. San Diego is where California fades into Mexico and is dotted with laid-back communities and a ton of great places to surf and skate. Just pick one a go — then eat some tacos.