Fly Away Closer

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FLY AWAY CLOSER: A film featuring Miles Fallon, Keegan Hosefros, Justin Phipps, & Denver Orr

Fly Away Closer: Presented By Quiksilver & Ride Snowboards

There is a certain feeling that Bryden Bowley is after. One that is close to the heart, and may even hurt a little. Like the pain of a harsh slam, or walking away from a battle without getting what you came for. But it’s always followed by the thing that makes us most happy: riding away from something you didn’t think you could do. Keegan Hosefros, Justin Phipps, Miles Fallon, and Denver Orr embody this feeling and Bryden has a way of getting it. Reno, Kansas City, St. Louis, Buffalo, Jamestown, Tallinn, and Oslo, to name a few places these guys flew to. We are proud to present FLY AWAY CLOSER.

Filmed and Edited by: Bryden Bowley

High Altitude Collection: Featuring Miles Fallon

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